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About Us

What's the TootScoot All About?

The TootScoot is a balance bike intended for children ages 2-5. It was created without pedals or training wheels. Children sit on the seat while pushing off the ground with their feet, scooting themselves and the bike forward. By first learning balance, coordination and motor skills on the TootScoot, both children and parents will find the transition to a traditional two-wheel bike is a much smoother ride!

Let's Talk Details.

The TootScoot weighs approximately seven pounds and is constructed of steel tubing. Chrome accents and round, rubber cushioned handle bar grips make the bike comfortable and stylish! The rubber helps to prevent scratching walls and protects the TootScoot when dropped. The wheels are made of a durable plastic rubber material -- which means you don't need to worry about flat tires! Also, the TootScoot has wider-than-normal wheels, making it easier for a child to balance. The handle bar and seat are both adjustable, so the TootScoot can grow right along with its rider.

Where Did You Get the Idea?

The original TootScoot Balance Bike was created by Buck Hale for his one-year-old son, Seth, as a Christmas gift. Buck rides BMX bikes as well as races motocross -- so naturally he wanted to see his son on a bike at an early age! Seth caught on quickly, playing with the wheels and pushing around on the bike. At only 18 months, Seth could ride and balance with his feet off the ground. It wasn't long before Seth was a pro, whizzing around and constantly stealing attention at every park they went to. According to Buck, watching your child ride so well at such a young age “is the equivalent of watching your child walk for the first time.”

With friends and passers by constantly asking Buck where they could find a TootScoot for their child, he realized he had a product he could share with the world. So Buck contacted some manufacturers and producers and began the creation process of the TootScoot. After nine months, the Original TootScoot was born.

What's the TootScoot II?

We studied the way children used the Original TootScoot, and from our observations came some updates to the bike design. The TootScoot II features footrests so the kids can glide with more ease, further encouraging balance at a young age.

The body of the bike has also been updated for a sleeker, more modern look and feel. The dynamics of how it works are still the same - if you can walk, you can ride!